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Origin can help in three key areas

Did you know, companies must appoint a competent person, with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to effectively manage health and safety?

Do you have such a person on your team? And if not, are you looking to recruit or outsource?

Do you have a Health and Safety Policy in place, or do you cross your fingers and hope for the best?

At Origin, we can help. We offer three levels of service, all aimed at ensuring you meet health and safety requirements, keeping you and your workforce safe, and giving you peace of mind.

We work with businesses from all sectors – architects, trades, offices and retail premises and have many clients in the construction sector.

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Health and Safety

In House

Where you have a member of your own staff designated as your competent person, we can advise and assist with relevant health and safety training to keep their knowledge up to date. We help you keep on the right side of legislation.

Retained Advice

If you are looking to appoint a competent person externally, we can act as an experienced, single point of contact for all your health and safety needs – a more cost-effective option than taking on a direct employee.

Ad-Hoc Support

With experience across many different industries, including construction and manufacturing, we offer all businesses a wide range of ad hoc health and safety support, to make sure you remain compliant.

Our health and safety advice partnership

Advantages of Origin’s Retained Advisor Service

Our Retained Advisor Service is especially useful for small to medium sized businesses, which have neither the time nor the resources to keep on top of health and safety.

Your support package can be tailored to meet your specific needs, but here’s what you can get with our Retained Advisor Service:

  • Access to a single point of contact as your ‘competent person’ to help meet your legal requirements, during opening hours
  • A personal appointment certificate to assist with safety accreditation applications
  • An in-depth health and safety ‘health check’ for all new clients, with an action plan generated annually with relevant updates
  • Access to health and safety document templates
  • Your important documentation accessible electronically and collated into a hard copy folder
  • Bespoke Health and Safety Policy for your business, with regular updates
  • Annual Fire Risk Assessment at your main premises
  • General business risk assessment with regular updates
  • Information on critical health and safety legislation updates relevant to your business
  • Assistance with health and safety campaigns to drive positive safety culture
  • Health and safety training support
  • Regular on-site support to review current compliance levels and assist with ad hoc requirements

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Our health and safety experience

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