COVID-19 Health and Safety

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a rapidly evolving situation that has left a lot of business owners and managers scratching their heads. Origin can ensure you have the right tools to meet your legal requirements and protect those that may be at risk of contracting Coronavirus or passing on the virus as part of your operations.


Origin can help support with the following:

  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment or Coronavirus Risk Assessment specific to your premises
  • Advice on cleaning, hygiene and handwashing including template posters
  • Advice on ventilation
  • Information to disperse to workers e.g., Toolbox Talk
  • Advice on safe homeworking
  • Guidance on how to assist vulnerable workers



All new clients will receive a reduced rate on any initial service when quoting the reference “ORIGIN50″ Please get in touch to find out more.

If you are unsure how to make your workplace safe for your employees and customers or have any other concerns relating to health and safety at this testing time; Origin would be happy for you to get in touch and can offer the following support:

How Origin can provide COVID-19 Support


Review your workplace and provide guidance and advice on whether existing COVID-19 controls are sufficient or specify if further measures need to be implemented.


Create a COVID-19 Risk Assessment for you or review and update your existing assessment considering your existing control measures and observations made on the premises.


Origin can provide a summary of preventative actions to facilitate the business to continue to operate safely along with tools to communicate COVID-19 safety to relevant persons within the business.


Origin can provide support for setting up and checking on homeworkers, advice on mental health and wellbeing and ongoing access to useful advice to keep your business compliant.

Dynamic Approach to COVID-19 Safety

Like all other safety aspect of your operations, remember to make time to talk to your workers about your plans for keeping them and others safe. Listen to what your workers say and consider them when making any decisions or changes.

Remember that all workers are different, depending on individual backgrounds, cultures, beliefs or circumstances, some can be more sensitive than others and everyone needs to be treated fairly.

Ongoing support should be provided for vulnerable workers within your team and consideration should be given to all staff as anyone could face mental or physical health difficulties at any time. Keep talking and communicating with your workers. With the growing emphasis on wellbeing in the workplace, we work closely with a Mental Health First Aid Trainer and training for individuals within your business can be arranged by simply getting in touch with Origin.

Where you allow workers to enter your workplace, keep reviewing your existing measures, talk to staff about how safe they feel and make updates as the government advises and based on the environment you are providing.

Ensure that regular cleaning is being achieved and all workers always have access to good hygiene controls. Ventilation has become increasingly important as the Pandemic has progressed.

Contact Origin if there is anything you need help and advise with. Remember a free no-obligation conversation is always offered.